About this application

The HISD YouTube Downloader and is a simple web-based user interface which collects, assembles, and feeds data to a server-side Linux daemon (ytdld).

The HISD YouTube Embedding Utility and HISD SRT to TXT Conversion Utility are concomitant pieces to help make using video media just a little bit simpler.

The UI you're using, all server routing routines, utilties, and server daemons are written in Perl, (well, OK, there's some HTML, CSS, and Javascript in there somewhere too) while the bulk of the media conversion is handed-off to server-side functions written in Python. The original Python code base was stolen adapted (heh, heh) from the youtube-dl project, but has been mangled beyond recognition for this application. Hey, none of us claim to be any good at this.

Additional server binary libraries for media conversion and compression include ffmpeg, avconv (libav), and LAME. The HTML5 template used to dress this up a bit is "Simple Style 8" and was shamelessly torn from the pages of html5webtemplates.

To make comments, suggestions, critiques, or reports problems, drop an email to mpage@hisd.com.