How to use these applications

Youtube Downloader

  • Enter or paste a list of YouTube video URLs, one URL per line. The URL should look something like "".
  • Enter a valid HISD email address.
  • Select the video format. Use MP4 for most Android/iOS devices, WebM for Android/Chrome only, and FLV for the desktop. MP4 is the default and as a rule, the most portable.
  • Selecting any of the audio only format options will extract the audio tracks from the video in MP3 and M4V formats, handy for podcasts and ripping music tracks.
  • Select additional files such as thumbnails, annotations, descriptions and/or subtitles to include with the media. ‡
  • Hit "Do it!" and when it's done, we'll send an email at the address provided with a link to a zip archive. If you're grabbing more than 10 videos at a time, it may take a while to download and convert everything. Patience is a virtue.
  • In the event we encounter a problem with the download or conversion process, we'll still send an email to keep you in the loop. Most errors are transitory and a second try does the trick.
  • It's important to note that not all YouTube video can be downloaded. Limitations imposed via location, copyright, and even author upload flags can prevent files from being downloaded and/or processed.
  • ‡ Some videos use an embedded closed-caption format that can be viewed while streaming from YouTube, but cannot be downloaded. The "Auto Subtitle" option will attempt to pull Google's dynamically generated subtitles. This feature is experimental and may not provide a usable SRT file.

YouTube Embedding Utility

  • Paste the YouTube video URL below. The URL should look something like: "".
  • Hit [ENTER] and the embedded video will open in a new window.
  • Bookmark or copy the URL from the new window to bypass this step the next time you wish to use this video. This does not download, but rather embeds the video in a distraction free browser instance.

SRT to TXT Conversion Utility

  • Click the "Choose FIles" button, select one of more SRT files from your local computer.
  • Click the "Upload File(s)" button to start the upload and conversion process.
  • Once the conversions are completed you will be presented with a list from which you may then view (via the broswer) or download (right-click, save as) files individually.